Barium Carbonate

Although all CRT television glass production has moved to Asia, this market still represents the largest demand for barium carbonate.  Barium carbonate is also used in the manufacturing of hard ferrite magnets and several types of glasses and frit.  Safety striping, such as that found on airport runways, use high refractive index glass beads which are made using barium carbonate as a primary component.
Micro-Flo® & Aqua-Flo™

These are proprietary products that are specifically designed for ‘scum-control’ in the brick & tile manufacturing process. “Scum” is the term used to describe the white, chalky substance that forms on the surface of brick or tile as the result of migration of soluble salts, such as calcium sulfate or magnesium sulfate, from the interior of the clay body during drying.  Micro-Flo® & Aqua-Flo™ react with soluble salts in the clay to form insoluble compounds which cannot migrate to the surface of the ware during drying.  The chemical formula for one such reaction is as follows:

BaCO3 + CaSO4  →  BaSO4 + CaCO3

Micro-Flo® is designed to be added as a dry powder.  It has tremendous flow characteristics, readily disperses into the clay when wet and is virtually dust free. 

Aqua-Flo™ is designed to be added as a liquid.   It can be put into slurry at ~70% solids

Barium Carbonate 



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